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Low emission floor

Afbeelding: Emissiearme vloer 1

The dairy farmer Elferink from Tubbergen’s low emission floor has won the prestige prize of €2,500,-. The reduction in emission, as calculated based on a model built by Elferink (see photo 1), certainly impressed the jury. “The reduction figures of 5.8 in meadows and 6.5 in the stables are impressive and this is a widely applicable innovation”, according to the jury. The NH3 emission has been reduced by 40%. Elferink came up with the idea because he wanted to increase the size of his existing stable, but wanted to be able to satisfy the new emission requirements in a practical and cost efficient manner, without replacing the existing floors. He invented a rubber profiled bearing floor, which could be used for any flat surface – with both solid and grid underlay.

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