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Poultry chest width measurement

Afbeelding: Borstbreedtemeting pluimvee 1

Poultry farmer Josef Jürgens from the German Pelle has developed a method which can electronically measure the chest width of cockerels. Measuring the cockerels’ chest width in itself is nothing new, but this is currently mostly done by picking up the cockerels and feeling them. Electronic measurements result in concrete values, so this can definitely add value when breeding. Jürgens has developed the chest width classes himself. The chest width is an extra indication for the cockerels’ condition. The cockerel’s weight will say something about the animal’s condition, but not everything. Quantitative information about the chest width can be a good addition. Combined with details about the animals’ weight, the production and the egg weight, it can be used as a control instrument for the feed quantity. Jury member Hans Bijleveld, Editor of the Poultry Farming magazine, assessed it as follows: “This innovation deserves some encouragement, with the side note that more knowledge needs to be acquired in relation to what we are planning on doing with the results from the chest width measurements.”

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